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10021 Cleveland Ave, SE
East Sparta, OH 44626

Our Mission

Save a Mom Pregnant Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, rescue organization for unwanted pregnant dogs destined for euthanasia. Save a Mom (or SAM) has provided pounds and shelters a safe place to send their pregnant dogs, newly whelped litters and orphan pups. Most of the pregnant dogs taken in were dumped at the pounds, which are not capable of caring for the mom and her newborn puppies. We are not breed-specific, nor do we pick-and-choose; as long as we have the space and funds, the dogs are saved!

Once in our care, the true rescue effort begins. We, along with our veterinarian, make an in-depth assessment of any medical conditions, which are treated at once. Pregnant moms are assisted with whelping (which most of the time is during the middle of the night). All too frequently the mom is emaciated and unable to provide milk for her babies; the puppies are then placed on round-the-clock bottle feeding.

Before becoming available for adoption, the mom will be spayed, dewormed,

Adoption Policy

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Due to the amount of newborn puppies and some nervous first time mothers, we are not able to have open shelter hours. Once your application is received we will contact you to schedule an appointment to visit at our adoption building, located at 10021 Cleveland Ave. SE., Magnolia, OH.
Just 10 minutes south of Canton with easy access off of Route 77.

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