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Miami Valley Pit Crew

Dayton, OH

Our Mission


To cultivate an understanding of the American Pit Bull Terrier through positive education and example… and change the misinformed minds or f society one dog at a time!

Company Overview

The Miami Valley Pit Crew (MVPC) rescue is a network of volunteer foster homes dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation of abused, neglected, and misunderstood dogs and puppies. We specialize in Bully Breeds and other strong working breeds: Bulldog Breeds, Pit Bull Breeds, Mastiff Breeds, and any mixes of the aforementioned. We pull dogs from Ohio's worst kill shelters. We also educate owners and the public, on bully breeds and Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). We specialize in dogs but we respect all living creatures and encourage others to do the same by education. 

The MVPC evaluates each rescue request to determine the dogs re-homing probability. We want to ensure each dog we take in can be rehabilitated

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets