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The North American Rescue Collective

Columbus, OH

Our Mission

The North American Rescue Collective exists to liberate animals who have been forgotten by society, and ensure they are given a safe space to heal so they may achieve their highest quality of life. NOARC also strives to provide the community with evidence-based education on humane animal caretaking, thereby cultivating a more compassionate environment for all beings.

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:
1. To pull at-risk animals from kill shelters throughout the United States, with a focus on Ohio and Kentucky;

2. To provide animals brought into the rescue with a safe environment in the form of a foster home until they are adopted by thoroughly screened families;

3. To advocate for the use of non-aversive, force-free methods in behavior modification and/or training of all animals;

4. To educate the community on humane animal caretaking and safe practices when interacting with animals specifically dogs with a focus on prevention of dog bite incidents, and dogs with special needs that are physical or emotional in nature.

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Recommended Pets