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Our Mission

This organization is committed to the following objectives:
I. To improve the community by getting cats off the streets and into loving homes.
II. To work with community members to rescue and house cats, as well as to foster cats until they find a home. To provide cats for some community members who want a feline companion.
III. To help local felines by getting them off the streets and giving them proper medical care, followed by a loving home.

Adoption Policy

Potential Adopters fill out our online application, and are contacted by Rain's Cat Rescue (RCR) representatives for phone call screening. At this point, we match potential adopters with cats that fit the personalities of their home environment, and we have potential adopters meet both cats they are interested in from our online profile, as well as cats that RCR representatives find might be a great fit for them. After this meeting, the potential adopter would pay the adoption fee if applicable, and then arrange for pickup with the RCR representative, who would likely be the foster of the adopted cat.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets