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Lost Pet Recovery, Inc. (LPR) is a team of experienced volunteers who specialize in the safe recovery of skittish dogs. While our main purpose is to reunite missing dogs with their families, we do catch stray dogs who have proven difficult for others to catch. When we are unable to locate these dogs' homes, we place them for adoption.

All dogs we adopt out receive medical care, including being spayed or neutered, without exception. Not only does it provide health benefits to these dogs and stop the cycle of filling Ohio's streets and shelters with more puppies, but it also reduces the risk of the dog becoming loose again.

In addition to safely recovering lost pets and promoting spay/neuter, our group provides education to owners of dogs we recover, shelter staff, and the general public about protecting flight risk dogs - always beginning with the spay/neuter conversation.

Adoption Policy

We adopt only within the state of Ohio and Northern Kentucky.

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