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Our Mission

Columbus Dog Connection is a 501c3, limited admission dog and cat rescue organization, formed in 1998. We are a network of dog enthusiasts who rescue all breeds of dogs and cats. We promote all rescues & shelters in Ohio and be in dogged pursuit of saving every adoptable dog until dogs/cats are no longer euthanized for lack of space.

We operate a high quality mobile spay/neuter service, targeting areas with high animal population and low spay/neuter resources. We offer a low cost vaccine clinic the first Saturday of the month. All dogs/cats that wish to take advantage of our low cost services must be spayed/neutered to attend. Every dog that leaves our care is spayed/neutered, including 8 week old pups. We believe that allowing a pup to leave our care not spayed/neutered would perpetuate the problem we work so hard to overcome every day.

Our non official mission: To go out of business because our services are no longer needed. We often hear a chuckle or wishful thinking comment when we say this, and we say this often, but if we didn’t believe we could end the problem of overpopulation, we have no business asking anyone to believe in us... much less to give us even one of their hard earned dollars.

Adoption Policy

Requirements for Adoption:
Must live in the Central Ohio area. For rescues/shelters across Ohio, visit:
Must be over the age of 24 to adopt.
Your resident pets must be spayed/neutered.
Adoption Process:
We do not have an application. Adoptions are pet-adopter driven.
To meet our pets: Call our office at 614-471-9000 or click on the pet which you are interested in and send email.
We are happy to discuss the adoption process. The foster dogs are in foster homes and most of the cats reside at our office.
The adoption process includes a lease manager reference (if applicable) , a veterinarian reference, and a home-visit (in-person or virtual).
If you've never owned a pet, part of our adoption process requires that you call several vet offices to compare services, prices, and availability. Questions to ask include:
How many doctors are at your practice?
Can I request to see a specific Vet or would I be scheduled with first available?
What are your hours?
How much is: annual exam, heartworm test & tablets, an x-ray, vaccines, a non-emergency office call?
Do you recommend vaccines every year or every three years? (every 3 yrs as suggested by the AVMA)
The pooch that visits your home will go back home with us to allow your family to discuss and ensure he/she is a good fit for your home.
There is an adoption agreement and adoption fees are as follows:
$300 for Adult Dogs (6yrs & younger)
$200 for Senior Dogs (7 yrs and older)
$80 for Cats
All pets are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm tested (dogs), fiv/leukemia tested (cats), & micro-chipped.
Known medical conditions are discussed at time of inquiry.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets