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Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation

P.O. Box 94143
Cleveland, OH 44101

Our Mission

Rainbow Connection Animal Foundation (RCAF) is a nonprofit, no-kill, all volunteer animal rescue. All of our animals are spayed/neutered prior to adoption, no exceptions. We are different from other rescues because we believe that EVERY CAT deserves a chance! We do not euthanize animals that other rescues may consider "unadoptable". No matter how long of a life they may have to live, we want to give them at least a fighting chance at a humane quality life. We have a 100% return policy and always will take care of the cats in our care. We strive to get all our cats into a position where they can be adopted. This often requires vet care in excess of the adoption donation fee that we receive for the animal. Many of the kitties we rescue will never be "adoptable" due to terminal illness or behavioral issues. Some kitties are never adopted for no reason at all! These kitties became permanent foster kitties of RCAF and stay with us for their entire lives.

Adoption Policy

Each potential adoptive home is screened using an adoption application/questionnaire and interviews. When an adoption is approved, a representative of Rainbow Connection meets the adoptive parents at their home, a PetsMart store or our veterinarian's office and completes an adoption contract. The adopter receives a copy of the adoption contract and medical record. Our adoption donation fee is $85.00 ($90.00 if made via credit card donation). Rainbow Connection has a 100% return policy which means in no uncertain terms, should the animal become ill, can no longer be cared for by the adopter or is simply no longer wanted, the animal is to be returned to Rainbow Connection. This ensures that this animal will never be homeless again in essence, Rainbow animals have a home forever. Please email for an adoption application.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets