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Weim Friends Rescue

Cincinnati, OH

Our Mission

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Founded in 2012, Weim Friends Rescue, Inc. is an all volunteer 501(c)(3), non-profit organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our mission is to rescue Weimaraner dogs from unwanted, abused, abandoned and/or life threatening situations and place them in permanent loving homes.

We assess each dog individually to determine appropria

Adoption Policy

Weim Friends Rescue is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are dedicated to educating prospective and current Weimaraner owners about the breed and promoting responsible pet ownership.

If you have never owned a Weimaraner we encourage you to take the "Are you Weim Ready?" Quiz. Please take this Quiz to see if a Weimaraner is a good match for you and your family (NOTE: you will need to copy & paste this link into your browser):

If you are interested in adopting a rescued Weimaraner from Weim Friends Rescue, please complete an adoption application and a coordinator will contact you.  The adoption process is outlined on our adoption application. We look forward to talking with you. Download an adoption application here (NOTE: you will need to copy & paste this link into your browser):

If you are located out of our region, please visit "The Weimaraner

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