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The Ohio Pet Sanctuary

8018 Beechmont Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45255

Our Mission

We believe that not only dogs and cats are in need of a place to stay and provide for multiple species. Our staff is devoted to animal care and well being and help match pets with people to love them.
Please visit our "Shop" and "For People" pages. The purchases you make help us care for these animals and earn money to keep the facility running.

Adoption Policy

We work hard to find families for the wonderful animals in our care.  Our focus is lifelong physical and mental health of the animals whom people entrust to us.  We do not allow applications if the potential adopter has not met the animal (i.e. you cannot apply for an animal online but you can contact us if you see one you are interested in and we can arrange a meeting).  We must observe interaction between the animal caretaker and the pet- we do not adopt as gifts.  If the animal has a history of known illness, we request a letter confirming an established relationship with a veterinarian who is qualified to continue care for that species.  We also reserve the right to deny adoption for any reason we see fit.  We get to know these animals well and generally have a good idea if a home will not be a good fit.  For example, if you have a lot of children and we know this animal is shy and doesn’t do well with a lot of noise, we may refuse adoption

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