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Our Mission

PEACE, LOVE & PAWS RESCUE is formed for the specific purpose of identifying and taking into immediate care, cats and dogs who have been lost, abandoned, surrendered or otherwise disowned; to train, rehabilitate or otherwise treat rescued cats and dogs to bring them into adoptable condition, as necessary or appropriate; to find suitable adoptive homes for these cats and dogs; to provide all possible assistance to an adoptive home to ensure the permanent welfare of the adoptive cat(s) and/or dog(s); to make every effort to educate the public regarding this Association’s purpose, scope of activities and responsible per ownership; and to make an effort to educate surrendering owners to prevent the cat(s) and/or dog(s) from being turned into rescue.

Adoption Policy

All potential adoptors must complete an adoption application for a pet they desire to provide a forever home to. After the application is reviewed by a staff member/volunteer personal and vet references are checked and home visit takes place.

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Recommended Pets