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Maddy's Cat Rescue, Inc.

Cambridge, OH

Our Mission

Maddys Cat Rescue mission is to help unwanted cats and kittens in Cambridge, Ohio. We also help educate the public on cat welfare and the importance of spay and neutering.

Adoption Policy

When applying please remember you are doing just that. Applying does not guarantee you will get a cat. We reserve the right to deny/ignore/discard any application we see fit. It is in our intention to make the best possible placement for our kitties. We do not use a first-come, first-serve process when adopting out our kitties. Instead we focus on best fit for that individual!

Our mission is to place all our felines in loving, permanent homes! Many of these cats and kittens were given a second chance by coming to MaddysCatRescue and each have their own unique story!

The adoption process is as follows:

1. Submit application!

2. You will be contacted by Maddy via your preferred contact method if approved to adopt! We strive to contact you as soon as possible but please give us time to get through all the forms! Maddy is very busy not only with the rescue but as well as everyday life! If you have not heard from us in 1 week of submission please reach out via Email,

3. Meet & Greet with Maddy and Available Felines!

4. Complete Adoption Agreement & Process Adoption Fee!

5. Coordinate adoption day/pick up! (May be same day as meet & greet!)

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