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Caring Hearts and Paws Rescue Inc

Tonawanda, NY

Our Mission

Caring Hearts and Paws Rescue Inc. is a nonprofit dog rescue located in WNY. We have a dedicated team working together to help save dogs from high kill shelters, euthanasia lists and from them living on the streets.

Caring Hearts and Paws Rescue Inc. was inspired to start when our family volunteered for another rescue. We have dedicated our time and opened our home with open arms and provided so much love to 39 foster dogs and puppies in a few short months. We had one foster who walked in our doors with her 8 puppies and made herself right at home as if she knew she belonged. After being with us for a few months and having to watch her go through heartworm treatment, she officially became part of our family. This girl went from living on the streets, to being on a euthanasia list, to having a minor surgery after having her babies, to end up a thriving, well-loved, and spoiled little lady.

We didn't quite understand the severity of just how many dogs and puppies were in danger until we starting volunteering. So many of these innocent animals are being euthanized just because there is not enough room in shelters or dogs living on the streets because someone thought that it would be a good idea to dump these poor, innocent animals to fend for themselves.

When my husband and I made the decision to volunteer, we didn't expect to welcome so many dogs into our home. We didn't expect our kids to be fully involved, and we didn't expect the love and support we have had from the people around us lending a helping hand.

Not only have we seen our foster pups and dogs flourish just from being loved, but we have also gotten so many overwhelming stories about just how well they are living in their new homes.

We are a dedicated family working with friends in honor of one particular foster pup that pushed us to where we are today.

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