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Wagging Tails Dog Rescue NY

Thornwood, NY

Our Mission

Our Mission is to rescue dogs that have survived and have been pulled to safety straight from slaughterhouse cages, dog meat farms, NYC shelters and Southern shelters. Our commitment to them is while they have had the absolute worst start at life, we ALWAYS find their happy ending.

Together we are fighting to end the brutal practice in Asia of torturing dogs before slaughtering them for meat, out of the misguided belief that tortured dog meat tastes better or can provide health benefits. Dogs are thrown in boiling pots of water, blow-torched, dismembered and electrocuted, among other things, all while alive.

We not only work to find their forever homes, we are passionate about spreading awareness of this cruel and barbaric practice. Only then is there hope to bring about change and force the government to create laws to protect these precious animals from unfounded and cruel tradition.

Our organization never turns a dog in need away, we facilitate and sponsor many dogs from high kill shelters locally and within the US.

Wagging Tails Rescue is an all-volunteer, 501c3 animal rescue organization run by experienced volunteers who have been involved in animal rescue for many years.

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