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Our Mission

Our purpose is to connect a multitude of animal rescue charities all across the United States- and eventually charities all over the globe! Please take the time to help out our cause, and to share it with those who may be interested!

We have celebrities that sign many of our adoptable pet collars and the collar goes with the pet when adopted!  Thank you go all their support and keep rocking!

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Adoption Policy

All of our adoptable animals are spayed/neutered - are fully vaccinated - and up to date on necessary vet care.  Some animals that are listed are special needs might have chronic problems that the adopter would cover for future vetting, although this is rare.

If interested in adopting, please visit our webpage for an adoption application or send us an email at

Many of our animals are in foster care in other states but can be here for an adopter within a few weeks

All animals listed may have prior or pending applications.  Applications are a prerequisite and DO NOT guarantee approval.

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets