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Our Mission

Our mission is to end the suffering of feral cats in the Town of Brookhaven through the efforts of trap, neuter, return. We are TNRing Brookhaven one cat at a time.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process:

1. Fill out our adoption application under the adopt tab at

2. When filling out our adoption application we require 3 personal references and 1 vet reference (if you do not have animals, it is ok, we know you need to start somewhere). Please let your references know we will be calling to speed up the application process.

Co-Signature: You must be 21 or older to adopt. If you are 25 and under or 65 and older, we require our adopters to have a co-signer. The co-signer agrees to take full responsibility of your cat/kitten if you can no longer care for your cat or kitten. We will need to have a conversation with your co-signer and they will fill out a co-signatory agreement at the time of adoption.

3. We also require a video home check. We want a video of all rooms in your home, where you will keep the litter box and the exterior of your home.

4. If you rent, we will want your landlord's information so we can confirm you are allowed pets. If you own your home, we require proof of residency in the form of a mortgage statement or license. The name and address must match where the cat or kitten will reside, the address on the adoption application and the number of the home shown in the video home check.

5. Once the application is reviewed by our team and you are approved for adoption we will contact you. Please be patient as we are all volunteers and we process all applications as quickly as possible.

Once contacted we can proceed with a meet and greet with the cats/kittens you're interested in adopting. We often times suggest a virtual meet and greet to start to move the process along quickly. Depending on if the kittens/cats are in a foster home may be the deciding factor is a virtual meet and greet is all that is allowable to the foster. Please note all meet and greets should be within 24-48 hours of being approved to adopt unless that timeframe is extended with permission from the board and/or the foster providing the meet and greet. Our adoptions are first come first serve.

6. If you are an approved adopter and want to make the adoption official the cats/kittens can be adopted and taken home the time of your in person meet and greet as long as we have received your video and confirmed the video to be acceptable.

If you choose to adopt and you are pre-adopting a kitten/cat that is not ready to go home (likely because it is not spayed/neutered yet), we ask that you fill out our pre-adoption agreement and send a $50 non-refundable deposit donation within 24-48 hours from the time of agreement to pre-adopt. Normally, we will let you know a week in advance when your pre-adopted cat or kitten will be ready to go home.

We ask that when all adopters make the final decision to adopt that they agree to pick up their cat/kitten within 24-48 hours unless another time is agreed upon between all parties.

In some cases, we may hand deliver the cat or kittens to your home but that is not necessarily how the chain of events will go. Adoption contracts will be due at the time of the adoption.

Adoption info & fees:
All of our cats and kittens come spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, dewormed, flea treated, tested negative for FIV/FELV (unless noted differently on a particular cat), and microchipped.

$175/kitten (2 kittens/bonded pair- $325)
$125/adult cat
$95/senior cat (7+years)

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