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New2U Rescues

1857 Dewey Avenue
Box 15496 (mailing addy only)
Rochester, NY 14615

Our Mission

We are in Rochester, NY and adopt to homes in the Rochester NY area. Foster home based, no shelter.

Our mission is helping dogs that are homeless, in public shelters where they are at risk of euthanasia, or given up by owners due to inability to properly care for the animal.

All dogs brought into our rescue are placed in an approved foster home where they will receive love, training and any needed veterinary care. We remain committed to all dogs in our rescue after they are adopted by requiring that, should it not work out, dogs are returned to us and never given away or placed in a shelter. We strive for the right home for each of our dogs through meetings, reference checks and home visits. New 2 U Rescues mission is homes that will be for the life of every dog adopted out.
We also endeavor to work with other shelters, rescues, and humane organizations to help create a safe and caring network to help dogs in need. Our group is committed to the care of dogs in our rescue and community. We help through our foster program and education of those we work with or come into contact with.

We are a 501c3 registered rescue and Registered with NY State Dept of Agriculture Reg No. 33

Adoption Policy

We do not have a shelter; all dogs live in foster homes so that we are best able to assess what type of home would be best for our foster dogs. Our goal is to ensure a good match between adopter and foster dog to ensure the dog has a home for life and won’t have to be moved again. We are based out of Rochester, NY and do adoptions to homes in this area.
When adopting our dogs we often have requirements. Regarding fencing, when requested we are looking for a physical fence that is in place for time of adoption. We do not accept invisible fencing, we don’t believe in shock training a dog and there are known issues with it. Sorry, this is actually in our contract that e collars will not be used on our dogs.
We do allow exceptions to our fencing requirements for active families, where someone is home more during the day and don’t have multiple dogs. Must also be willing to install something like a zip line in yard. Small breed and more mellow adult dogs don’t always require fencing.
We adopt dogs out in Rochester area, we will look at ones that are a few hours outside of area if all requirements are met and appears to be a great match but do look at local first. We require a in person meeting of family and existing pets plus home visit. This is obviously easier for adopters who live closer to us.
If the application came thru to us you would have gotten a copy of it in your email. If you didn’t then we didn’t either. Please be sure to check your junk mail for correspondence. If your pets are not current on their vet care, including spayed or neutered we will not adopt to you. This is not negotiable and we will verify thru your vet. If you haven’t altered as you want to breed your dog you will be denied.
We are a 501c registered charity and are also registered with NY State Department of Agriculture Reg No. 33. We do our best to guess breed or age of dog and most often go with what we are told when taking dog in. They are all microchipped, vetted with vaccines, treated for worms and any other issues and if age appropriate heartworm tested. Older dogs more often also get a dental done when in for their spay/neuter. We disclose any known issues to adopters, our goal is to find home for life. The more we know and share the better the chance of making a lifetime match.
We do occasionally get wonderful applications that we know will be an amazing home that do not get the dog they applied for. This could be due to multiple wonderful applications (only one can get the dog) or just not the right dog for that home. We keep applications on file for 6 mths so you are welcome to email us – – stating application is on file and name of dog you are interested in and don’t have to fill out new application.
As a rescue, our primary concern is the dog in our care, we just want to hopefully find the best match for them so they get to enjoy a lifetime with their new family. We will make exceptions when we believe it would be a great home. The application matters, providing information on it helps us determine if it might be the right home. Spending a little more time explaining things to us will help us make the decision as opposed to one or two word answers. An application must be submitted to meet any of our dogs. We do not operate on first application in gets dog, it is best match for the dog. link for applications is our main page. for facebook.

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