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Bridge & Tunnel Kittens

Ridgewood, NY

Our Mission

To give every kitten a safe place to grow up!

We grew naturally out of members and neighbors of our gym asking for help with kittens and cats in the neighborhood. We actively TNR cats year round and operate exclusively off fundraising efforts. Without funds, we cannot help.

Our kittens and cats are often rescued at a young age - Over half of the kittens posted are either "bottle babies" who were hand raised by humans, or were rescued alongside their mamas and raised indoors from 2-3 weeks old.
This results in the vast majority being Lap Cats and "Velcro Kittens", aka kittens that grow into cats that love nothing more than hanging out with YOU! Older kittens and cats are not posted for adoption until they're able to offer quality snuggles and couch time.

All of our cats and kittens are fully dewormed and vaccinated prior to adoption. We spay and neuter starting at 4 months of age, so if you adopt a kitten younger than 4 months you will be required to bring the kitten back to either the ASPCA or one of our partner clinics around that time when we schedule the appointment.

Adoption Policy

We ask all adopters to fill out our application. You may find the link below or email us to get a link.
Once we have received your application, we'll respond promptly. Depending on our mutual schedules to arrange calls and video chats, you can expect the adoption process to take anywhere from a few days to two weeks.

We ask that you do not apply to multiple rescue organizations at the. same time.

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