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Jen's Adoptable Cats Inc.

414 S. Service Rd. #358
Patchogue, NY 11772

Our Mission

Jen's Adoptable Cats is committed to ensuring our cats get to live their best life. They receive full veterinary care, healthy food and love in our foster homes.

We primarily take in cats who would have lived their lives on the streets, which is a a short and difficult life. They receive the medical care they so desperately need and we provide socialization, easing their transition to indoor life.

We take in cats of all ages, and cats with special needs. We believe that all cats are special and deserving of the best of us.

By adopting from our rescue you not only give a home to a beautiful cat, you save another cat who is outside fighting to survive.

***We are only able to approve adopters who live on Long Island, NY. We are a small rescue with limited resources. Thank you for considering us and we appreciate your understanding***

Adoption Policy

To adopt: fill out an application at

Jen's Adoptable Cats is dedicated to matching our adopters with the best cat for their home. We are happy to answer any questions to help you choose your new family member.

Our process includes filling out our adoption application, which includes veterinary and personal references. Our adoption team will conduct a home check and once the adoption is approved, we have an adoption contract.

We have the option to adopt or choose foster-with-intent-to-adopt. The latter option is great, as it allows time with the new kitty, to ensure the right fit into your family. If it is working, we switch to adoption, if not you can choose a different cat or just return our cat to their foster.

We always take back our cats

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