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Town of Newburgh Animal Control & Shelter

645 Gidney Ave
Newburgh, NY 12550

Our Mission

We are a municipal shelter for the Town of Newburgh.  We do not take privately owned animals.   All of our animals for adoption have either been picked up off our streets, found injured, or have been seized due to investigations of cruelty.

Please come visit our shelter and find out about all the wonderful donation funds that the Town has established to not only aid the cats and dogs at our shelter but also the feral cats.  Our T-92 account is used for a trap, spay and release program for the feral cats in the Town of Newburgh. Cats are captured with humane hav-a-hart traps, spayed and given a rabies vaccine then released to the area where they were found. A caregiver makes sure food is supplied.  Our T-93 account allows us to medically take care of the cats/kittens at the shelter.  This fund also pays for their spay/neuters, all vaccines, and testing for leukemia and aids. T-94 account benefits all of our animals in the shelter in general.

Adoption Policy

If you like dogs and cats, we have wonderful guys and gals just sitting here as patiently as they can until "their" day comes to leave us. We will miss them because we love them all....but we know there is a better place "somewhere" with a special "someone" who will love them like we do. 

Our adoption fees for both dogs and cats is $75. This fee includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, a 4dx snap test for heartworm/lyme, and bordatella vaccine for dogs. Cats include spay/neuter, FIV/FELV test, rabies (if old enough), as well as a distemper vaccine, and deworming.
  A senior pet to senior citizen is free to adopt.  
You can stop by our office during business hours to pick up an adoption application or give us a call or email and we will be glad to get one to you.

  • day hours
    Monday 9am-5pm
    Tuesday 9am-5pm
    Wednesday 9am-5pm
    Thursday 9am-5pm
    Friday 9am-5pm
    Saturday 9am-5pm
    Sunday closed

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