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Our Mission

Rebound Hounds believes there's a great home for every dog.

How to make that happen is the real work of rescue.
We're committed to bringing dogs and guardians together who are right for each other. We do it by knowing the dog and knowing the prospective guardian.

First, we know the dogs we place.
We seek out temperament evaluations from shelter staff and volunteers in the attempt to pair dogs with the right home. It's not perfect, but it goes a long way toward getting a feel for who the dog should go to.

Next, we learn about the adopters.
We look at lifestyle, energy level, experience, tolerances. It's communicating about expectations and commitment, not just for the next few weeks when the dog comes into their life, but FOR life.

Last, we stay in touch.
After the initial home visit, we're available to offer help, support and advice. We welcome knowing how everyone is settling in. Pictures are great, an occasional email. Our job is to support the owner and dog throughout the process.

Shelter dogs are a unique challenge because they have pasts we often can't know. What we do know is that once matched with the right guardian - with time, respect and patience - a shelter dog offers unparalleled love and gratitude every day, in every way, to the person who saved them. It is unlike any other relationship on earth.

Adoption Policy

We ask potential adopters to complete an application.We check personal and vet references. We do a phone interview or have the foster do one. A home visit is necessary.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets