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Our Mission

Meow Parlour Cats, Inc is a 501C(3) organization dedicated to working in tandem with New York’s first cat café, Meow Parlour, to adopt out cats and to use our resources to create educational opportunities for the public to convert cat lovers into cat warriors.

Since inception in 2014, we have dedicated our resources to help over 1,000 cats find homes. This has included cats with physical disabilities, cats from unusual backgrounds, kittens raised since birth, and cats who need a special advocate in their corner due to their behavior.

Through our New Hope Partnership with the Animal Care Centers of NYC and partnerships with rescues across the South and with the help of our dedicated staff and foster homes, we take in and adopt out about 400 cats a year. We believe that we can do even more for not just the cats in our care, but cats everywhere. We are excited by our opportunity to use our platform to support animals beyond those in our immediate care through education.

Adoption Policy

Adopters must fill out an adoption application, provide references and do an interview with an adoption counselor.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets