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Hi! We are a group of rescuers working together to save as many stray and friendly cats from Harlem and North Manhattan as we can! We try to reply to emails the same day, and help you arrange a time to meet the cat asap! (But we also have "real" jobs, so please forgive us if we take an extra few days to reply to your query.)

All our rescue cats are vetted--they've been spayed/neutered, received at least the first round of vaccinations (rabies and FVRCP), tested for diseases (FIV and FeLV), treated for fleas and parasites, and most are microchipped. We ask a small adoption fee to help us cover the costs of rescuing, fostering and vetting cats--so we can keep helping cats! The fee is generally $150 for an adult cat, $200 for a kitten and $300 for a pair of kittens (we often like kittens to be adopted in pairs).

Most of our cats are kittens or young adult cats (1-2 years old). Often (but not always) we ask that kittens be adopted in pairs, especially if they are bonded with a litter mate. Some of our other cats are part of bonded pairs, and we note this in their listing.

Our rescue cats are very special to us and we feel responsible for them, so we strive to make sure the people who adopt them are a good match. That's why we ask people to meet our cats and fill out an adoption application (as many rescue groups do)--it's also to help you find the perfect kitty! We also do a home check, usually virtually, and check references.

We live to help kitties find wonderful forever homes, and to help people like you find your kitty love (or loves)! We stay in touch with adopters after the cat moves in, especially in the first days and weeks, to make sure everyone is happy. It is our policy to take cats back at any time if, worst case scenario, you are unable to continue caring for the cat. We also ask that adopters let us know if they would like to rehome the cat--say to a friend or family member, ideally before rehoming the cat.

Thanks for reading. We hope to be in touch!

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