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Harlem Animal Rescue

New York, NY

Our Mission

\We are a small group of rescuers in Central Harlem helping to vet and home abandoned and injured animals. We maintain several neighborhood cat colonies, providing food and water year round, as well as warm shelters in colder months. Caring mostly for cats, we have also assisted dogs, birds, squirrels and the occasional chicken in our area.

Adoption Policy

We send out applications, if they are a match for one of our animals we then set up virtual and in person meetings for the adopters and potential furry family. The next step is a virtual or in person home check to ensure doors, windows, plants, fireplaces, etc are animal friendly.
We then check personal references to verify identity, preferably, if applicable, a vet who has seen the adopter's previous animals. Lastly we bring the animal in person to do a final check of the environment. We stay in close contact for first weeks. If there are any issues we support as needed and will always take any animal back.

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