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Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the suffering of unwanted dogs in Puerto Rico through population control and finding forever homes. We aim to achieve a controlled population of strays and unwanted dogs in Puerto Rico by raising awareness of the problem, educating people about how to fix the problem, and also actively providing financial assistance to people who cannot afford to sterilize animals in their community. We hope to find forever homes by sending the dogs stateside for adoptions.

Adoption Policy

Everyone must fill out a comprehensive application. Once the application is looked over, we check to see if we have a dog who will be compatible with their lifestyle or make sure the dog they want is compatible. If we have a good match, we follow up with a Video Chat that must take place at the primary residence the dog will live at. We make sure there is adequate space, and that it's generally safe. If their home is a good match, we set up a meet and greet. If all seems well, we send them off to their homes!

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