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Our Mission

What We Do:

We work with local rescuers/trappers to ensure a full-circle rescue projects: TNR-ing community cats, ensuring kittens are brought inside while still socializable as well as friendly adults, and that feral cats are fixed, vaccinated and monitored.
We help good Samaritans engage cats in their communities by guiding them through rescue on a case-by-case basis.
We build and maintain a network of fosters, rescuers, vet partners, volunteers and local businesses to support our cats at all stages of engagement.

How We Do It:

We use our vast network to find solutions for cats ranging from sourcing basic TNR medical needs to full rescue-through-adoption services
We utilize technology to keep meticulous records with the aim of providing top-notch care, rescuing sustainably and utilizing our data to asses need and convey it to potential donors/funders.

Who We Do It For:

We serve cats in need in New York City with an emphasis on Upper Manhattan.
When contacted re: cats elsewhere, we will consider intake on a case-by-case basis.

What Value Do We Bring:

As an experienced, organized, and dedicated group of rescue volunteers, we bring knowledge, commitment, and tenacity to the cat overpopulation and abandonment crisis at a time when government resources are at an all-time low.
We strive to emphasize quality of care and the desire to meet the individual needs of our cases, and will commit to ensuring that rescue allocation reflects these values.
We will engage and support our volunteers and fosters with the same spirit of care, consideration, and attentiveness we give to our cats in order to strengthen morale and engagement.

Adoption Policy

We have a thorough adoption form that requires a valid form of ID as well as references. We will call the person interested to do a phone interview and follow up with reference checks.

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