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Cotton Tails Rabbit Rescue Inc.

New City, NY

Our Mission

Cotton Tails Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

A committed group of seasoned animal advocates and business professionals have established Cotton Tails Rabbit Rescue, Inc. (“CTRR”), New York State Non Profit Corporation. Pending IRS 501(c) (3) approval.

The Vision, Mission, and Core Values of the organization are:

Vision and Beliefs
We believe that all small companion animals deserve a loving home. We also believe that when people and animals interact, the lives of both are enriched and that compassion, caring and peace can be achieved.

Mission and Purpose
To provide our community with opportunities to experience the unconditional love that animals give through adoption and fostering. To provide community enrichment, by acting as a resource, provider for the dissemination of information and education about small animal welfare. To provide animals awaiting a forever home with a warm, loving safe haven.

Core Values

CTRR Core Competencies
• To conduct charitable, humane, and educational activities which will advance the well-being and awareness of small companion rescue animals.
• To raise the awareness of the general public of the existence of small companion animals and advocate for protection and humane treatment.
• To disseminate educational information within the community concerning animal welfare (including community based spay/neuter programs), pet ownership, and safety guidelines.

Small Companion Animals are defined as rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas, and turtles.

Adoption Policy

Cotton Tails Rabbit Rescue Inc.

• Thank you for contacting Cotton Tails Rabbit Rescue Inc. We are excited about helping you find your new pet. The screening and consultation process is designed to assist you in finding a bunny or small animal most compatible with your lifestyle, while providing for the animal's welfare.

• Disclosure of information is voluntary, but failure to provide requested information may prevent approval of an adoption.

• Cotton Tails Rabbit Rescue Inc. reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone.

**In order to be considered for an adoption you must: 1) be 21 years of age 2) have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in your household 3) have a valid ID with current address 4) understand that completing this application does not guarantee adoption and that the Cotton Tails Rabbit Rescue Inc. must approve your application.**

*** Adoption changes due to COVID 19:

Due to the small animals living in foster homes, in home visits are currently suspended. We are offering approved adopters video conferences with the foster families and videos sent of the rabbits. Rabbits are being placed into foster-to-adopt homes with adoptions being finalized in the following month or two. This is our way of finding forever homes for our little ones while keeping everyone safe. Thank you for your understanding and support of Cotton Tails Rabbit Rescue!

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