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Small Companion Advocacy Team, Inc.

Mayville, NY

Our Mission

Doing the most good with the fewest resources. We believe that we all need to work together to find solutions for the unwanted/stray/feral animal problem.

The stray and feral cat problem is especially troubling. We work with several other local rescues in attempt to combat these issues. Our organization offers low-cost spay/neuter to local residents. This is now a community problem. Jurisdictions are passing laws that will negatively affect the feral cat populations. We believe that educating and advocating for spay/neuter is the only way out.

While our goal has always been to help ALL animals, we have limited sheltering resources. We are fortunate to have the ability to work with amazing veterinarians who are willing to offer us low cost spay/neuter so that we can help you fix your stray and feral cats.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets