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Our Mission

We are in urgent need of fosters! With the emails and calls pouring in daily, we are desperately seeking new fosters! Please email us today if you can open your home to a rescue dog.

We are a 501c3 rescue based on Long Island NY. Our focus is primarily on Pitbulls, but we will never turn our backs on any animal in need.


Adoption Policy

We are a non-profit, foster bases rescue group throughout all of Long Island.

1. We ask that applications be submitted before meets are set up as they can be applied to any dog now or in the future, and to ensure that it is a good fit with the information provided.

2. Once we receive inquiries/applications they are processed as soon as possible. There is an online application as well as a brief home check by one of our members.

3. Once approved, one meet & greet with all residents in the home (2 meets required if another dog in home) are arranged.

4. A 5-10 day optional trial is available prior to formal, finalized adoption.

*All adoption fees are included in Petfinder information for each dog*

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets