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Nickel City Canine Rescue, Inc.

Lancaster, NY

Our Mission

At Nickel City Canine Rescue we are uniting a community through compassionate action. Our network of caring animal advocates knows that we are charged with being the change for all dogs in need.

The heart of our work is to rescue displaced and unwanted animals at risk of euthanasia. We commit to providing them with stable care, basic needs, and the kind of love that makes their tails wag again. We also believe strongly in raising community awareness by providing accessible education on animal welfare issues. Knowing these issues inside and out ourselves provides us with a logical action plan to combat the problem at it’s source through methods like overpopulation prevention.

We are committed to creating strong links across the animal welfare community with the goal of expanding our local network and beyond. Together we can do so much, and they are so worth it.

“It is not enough to be compassionate, you must act.” ---- Amy Bartell

Adoption Policy

Once you have completed and submitted your application, a volunteer will contact your veterinarian and personal references. After that, the volunteer will contact you to set up a home visit. The home visit is to ensure your home is a safe environment for a dog. The volunteer will give a brief background of the rescue, review important adoption information and discuss with you your adoption goals. If the volunteer believes you are a fit dog parent, you will receive an approval card. Don't lose your approval card, as it is your "golden ticket" for adopting.

Now that you are pre-approved, you can watch the website/Facebook page. When you see a dog you are interested in, you can either send a Facebook message or email to the rescue to be put on a list for the dog. The foster will then contact you when the dog is ready for a meet and greet.

Recommended Pets

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