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Wayward Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Kerhonkson, NY

Our Mission

To provide a quality life to the animals that need it most

Adoption Policy

Our Adoption Process:

Step One: Check out our adoptable animals! All of our dogs and cats available for adoption are listed on our website! It is hard to resist a pretty face, but make sure you also pay attention to our recommendations for them and if their personalities would be a good fit for your home. The dog that physically appeals the most to you may not be the best match if you have young children and they are recommended for families with kids 15 and up.

Step Two: Fill out our adoption application or contact us if you have any questions! We can be reached through email ( or phone (917)-783-8330. Once you fill out our adoption application we will review it and determine if the dog or cat you are interested in is the best fit for your home or if there is a different pet we would recommend instead. We will then contact you to set up the next step in the process!

Step Three: Meet and Greet! Once we have determined which dogs or cats would be the best fit for your family, we will set up a time and place for you to meet them. This will be a public park or similar location that is convenient for both you and the foster families of the pets you will be meeting. This is also the time we want to introduce the new dog to any other dogs you have in your home to make sure it is a love connection!

Step Four: Go home and think about it! We never ask you to make a quick decision when it comes to adoption. After you meet the pets we have available for adoption we send you home for 24 hours to think about what you would like to do and if/who you would like to adopt. Once you have decided, we ask that you call or email us to let us know you are ready to adopt!

Step Five: We approve your application while you prepare your home! Once we have confirmation from you that you are ready to adopt and know who you want to welcome into your family we will call your personal, veterinary and landlord references to approve your application. In this time you can begin to puppy/kitten proof your house to prepare for the adoption.

Step Six: Home visit! Once your application is approved, we will bring your new pet to you so we can also check out their new home environment! If everything goes well at the home visit and all the existing pets welcome the new addition we will finalize the adoption right then and there!!

Requested Adoption Donations By Age/Species
(Keep in mind all dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption)
Puppies-$350 Dogs-$250 Kittens-$150 Cats-$100 Small Animals - $50
Farm Animals - Species Dependent

  • day hours
    Monday 10:00-2:00
    Tuesday 10:00-2:00
    Wednesday 10:00-2:00
    Thursday 10:00-2:00
    Friday 10:00-2:00
    Saturday 10:00-4:00
    Sunday 10:00-4:00
    By appointment only
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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets