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The Joshua Fund Dog Rescue

PO Box 408
Jay, NY 12941

Our Mission

The Joshua Fund Dog Rescue saves dogs and puppies from high kill shelters across the US who are in danger of euthanasia. Our breed focus is Labrador Retrievers and Lab mixes. Our main base of operation is just outside of Lake Placid, NY and we have a satellite Team near Houston, Texas where most of our dogs are fostered.
The Joshua Fund Dog Rescue's mission is to save unwanted, unloved dogs and puppies, offering them a chance to have a happy life with pre-approved adoptive families within 350 miles of Lake Placid, NY (including Canada).
The Joshua Fund is a Registered Rescue with NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets. Registration No. RR096

Adoption Policy

Almost every dog and puppy we rescue is spoken for before they get to our Adoption Center near Lake Placid, NY. Every adopter who is matched with one of our dogs has successfully completed our application and approval process by: submitting their application and required items, meeting all our requirements, and gaining our approval through several phone interviews with members of our volunteer staff.
Since we are a foster-based program, we have no physical shelter building for you to visit. Once transported to NY, all of our dogs and puppies either go home with their new family on Adoption Day or are placed in foster care here in NY State.

What are the requirements to adopt from The Joshua Fund?
1. You must live within the State of New York -OR- within a 350-mile radius of Lake Placid, NY. This includes Canada. You must come to our Adoption Center near Lake Placid, NY to meet us and your new dog or puppy on a designated Adoption Day. The adoption will be finalized at that time.
2. You must be over the age of 23 to adopt from us unless you are married. Proof of marriage is required if you are under 23 years old.
3. You must fill out our adoption application found HERE. It's an online form so you can type in your answers and then click SUBMIT when you are finished.
4. You must also submit 4 or 5 photos of both the interior and exterior of your home. Exterior photos must include the front, the back, a photo that shows how your house is situated in relation to the road it is on, and one of the fenced-in area if you do have a fence. Interior photos should include all of the interior areas where the dog will spend its time.
5. As proof of home ownership, you must submit a scan or a file of a recent property tax receipt, mortgage statement or homeowner’s insurance statement if you own your home.
6. If you rent, you must submit a scan or file of your lease agreement including any provisions or addendums involving pets.
7. Please send all files/scans via email to:
8. If you fail to provide these documents or leave out any pertinent information on your application, we will discard your application.

Are there any adoption requirements related to my current pets?
1. We require that all other pets in your home are up-to-date on vaccinations.
2. We require that all other pets in your home are spayed/neutered.
3. All dogs should be on regular monthly heart worm and appropriate flea/tick prevention medications.

What is the adoption fee?
The adoption fee for any dog or puppy is $450.
The adoption fee helps us to recover a portion of the expenses we routinely incur in rescue (boarding, vaccinations, worming, spay/neuter and transport) so that we can continue to save other dogs. Please note that the adoption fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

When I submit an application, how long does it take to hear from The Joshua Fund?
As soon as we open your completed application, we’ll send you an e-mail acknowledgement. It will take from a few days to two weeks to hear back from us. Our volunteers have day jobs and families to take care of and they do this in their spare time.

What happens next?
When all of your photos and documents are received, your application file is reviewed. If your file is deemed appropriate for consideration, an Adoption Coordinator will contact you via email, phone call or text to schedule a time for an Application Review phone call. We prefer to have both the applicant and the co-applicant (if there is one) on the initial call.
If the Application Review phone call goes well and the application meets our requirements, we will call your references and your veterinarian. At this point a member or members of our Adoption Committee will review your complete application file and make an approval determination.
If your application is approved, we will speak with you about the available dogs/pups and work with you to determine if a dog in our program is a good match. After you have agreed to adopt, we will schedule your matched dog or puppy for transport to NY for a designated Adoption Day.

What happens if there are multiple applicants for a particular dog or puppy?
When there are multiple applicants for a dog or puppy, we will make the decision on who will be the best fit. We don't have a "first come, first served" policy. We want the dog or puppy to have the best possible home for them.

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