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Adoption Policy


When it’s time to bring home your new friend from HAHS, you’ll be surprised how far your adoption fee goes! The fee you’ll pay to adopt a pet includes these important benefits:

- Age appropriate vaccinations to keep your pet healthy, including distemper, and a rabies vaccination for animals older than 3 months
- Deworming medication
- Testing for feline leukemia and feline aids
-Testing for Heartworm (dogs 6 months+)
- Flea treatment
- A microchip implant
- Spay/neuter surgery
- A certificate for a free office visit with a participating veterinarian
- A sample of food


When you adopt from HAHS and pay an adoption fee (which reflects only a portion of our investment in your new pet), you help us continue to care for the homeless animals in our community and make sure they are safe, protected, and loved.

The following fees apply to animal adoptions

DOGS -- $250
PUPPIES -- $400

CATS -- $100
KITTENS -- $175

The Adoption Process in Detail:

Step 1. View our adoptable pets

View our available cats and dogs online or stop in during regular business hours, Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 5pm to visit with our pets in person. If you saw a pet online, we advise calling ahead before coming to visit and confirm the pet is still available for adoption.

Please note:
All pets that are in foster homes,or at Alfred State teaching program will require an approved application on file before they can be met.

Step 2. - Submit an application

Have an idea of who you may be interested in adopting? Would you like to have a general application on file for future interest? Submit an application!

Please note: We do not offer same day adoptions. The approval process typically takes anywhere between 1 -7 days depending on how quickly we are able to reach landlords, references, and your veterinarian. To help speed up the process, we encourage you to notify your landlord, and references that they will be receiving a call from HAHS. Also be sure to give your veterinarian a call and give verbal consent for HAHS to obtain medical records on your pets. We do not hold pets for adoption, and we will accept multiple applications on all animals in order to find the best possible fit for their needs. Submitting an application does not guarantee approval, nor does it guarantee you will be chosen for the pet you are interested in.

Step 3. Meet and Greet

For in-shelter pets:
Meet pets in person at the shelter during regular business hours, Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 5pm. We advise calling ahead to confirm the pet you're interested in meeting is still available.

For pets in foster homes, or at Alfred State Vet tech Program:
An approved application is required to meet any pet located outside of the shelter. Once your application has been approved, an HAHS representative will contact you to schedule a meet and greet at the shelter.

For dog to dog meet and greets:
Dog to dog meet and greets are required as a part of the adoption process. An approved application is required before all dog to dog meet and greets can be scheduled. Once your application has been approved, an HAHS representative will contact you to schedule a meet and greet at our shelter between your resident pups and the dog you are interested in adopting.

4. Take your new pet home

Once approved and all necessary meet and greets have been conducted, you'll be able to take your new pet home!

You will be required to pay the pet's adoption fee, and complete any foster-to-adopt contracts or adoption contracts at this point. An HAHS representative will go over your contracts/adoption packets with you and answer any additional questions you may have before sending you home with your new pet!

Please note: All animals who have not yet been spayed/neutered are required to go home on our foster to adopt contract, and will remain legal property of The Hornell Area Humane Society until they have been fixed through our facility and the adoption has been finalized. A 2 week foster-to-adopt trial is also required if you already have pets at home. This is to ensure everyone gets along prior to an adoption being finalized.

Congratulations! Fido or Fluffy is officially yours!

Thank you for choosing to adopt!

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