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Hop on Home Rabbit Sanctuary, Inc.

Gansevoort, NY

Our Mission

Hop on Home Rabbit Sanctuary is making history as the first of its kind in Saratoga county, NY and has expanded to service downstate NY and VT as well. We not only service our county but the whole capital region in NYS. Our organization is solving a community issue that has been ignored for far too long. We are a 501c3 nonprofit and state registered public charity. Our mission is to Shelter and Care for abandoned and relinquished rabbits. We have a large network of foster families in the capital region that take in rabbits as we work towards fundraising goals of completing our facility in Gansevoort.

Adoption Policy

We will have potential adoptive families fill out an adoption application which we review and if they have a specific animal they're interested in we will assess if it would be a good match. We might recommend a different animal based on the personality of the rabbit or perhaps the activity level of the people in the household. We will always make a careful placement that is the best match for all concerned in our opinion. If things do not work out we will take the animal back into the sanctuary until another match is made for a forever home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets