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Our Mission

RESCUE PUPS is dedicated to rescueing abandaned and unwanted pets and placing them in loving homes.  We are committed to saving dogs and puppies who have no one! These dogs have been abused, neglected, abandoned and thrown away.  Literally without RESCUE PUPS some of our dogs would be in garbage bag in the landfill.  We believe there are enough homes and the dogs on the euthanasia list just need more time. 

While in our care, dogs are fully vetted, including sterilization, rehabilitated and trained.  Manners, basic commands, house training, are all part of RESCUE PUP'S goals in ensuring their future.

Careful consideration will be spent to thoroughly evaluate potential adopters.  Above and beyond the adoption agreement and application, conversations to guarantee a good fit and smooth transition for the puppy and family are vital.   

RESCUE PUPS also aims at educating the public about the importance adopting,  fostering o

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets