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SaintSpiro Cat Rescue Inc.

Fresh Meadows, NY

Our Mission

To rescue as many non-feral street, stray, and abandoned cats as possible, get them healthy, and find them happy and safe forever homes.

Adoption Policy

1. Please fill out the adoption application for the cat(s) or kitten(s) that has caught your eye and captured your heart or if you are open to providing a cat in need a safe home to live. We will call and have an in-depth discussion with you regarding the adoption process.
2. Please be advised that a home check is required.
3. At any time after you bring you cat/kitten home, you observe that the cat/kitten is not happy or not thriving in your home, please DO contact us and we will pick them up. We will be happy to evaluate the situation and find another cat/kitten that is a better match. Please DO NOT take the cat/kitten to a shelter or re-home the cat/kitten on your own, without first contacting us. It is our obligation to do the due diligence and conduct a home check to ensure the cat/kitten will be placed in a safe environment. Otherwise, we are not doing these rescued cat/kitten any justice.

Please understand that we have worked too hard to bring these cats/kittens indoors and invested too much to ensure each goes to a good home. Most of the cats/kittens come to us sick and injured, we provide medical care, and nurse each one back to health. We do not want our rescued cats/kittens to end up back on the streets or in shelters to be live in cages or worse, euthanized.

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