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Animal Saints Rescue Society

Fort Montgomery, NY

Our Mission

We are honored to give dignity and respect to the Animal Saints who need us through our Help Them All Initiative (pulling animals to safety from animal control facilities), donating animal rescue transport, Shih Tzu Sanctuary, Short Stay & Foster Network, and our Animal Advocacy Education Center.

Adoption Policy

A handwritten application is needed with three personal references, a veterinary reference, and a groomer reference. A list of questions is sent to all references initially, then follow-up calls are made. Phone interview with potential adopter happens once references are checked. A list of websites are visited beforehand for background check (do not adopt list, checking to see if they been involved in anything criminal by looking up court documents). In-home visits are required or photographs of where the dog will be living if they are out of town. Then, they must meet the dog in person before the official adoption happens. We have all adopters sign adoption contract in person as a ceremonial event and so they take the adoption commitment more seriously.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets