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Our Mission

The mission of our organization is to work to reduce the feral and stray population within western New York, through community efforts and independent rescue missions. We will provide licensed veterinary treatment to all our animals to maintain the utmost health and wellness to the felines within our care. Our organization will bring around the clock care to neonatal kittens and expectant cats. In addition, we will help to find appropriate, loving homes for socialized kittens, adolescent and adult cats. Within our efforts, we will work to provide ongoing education of the feline population to the community.

Adoption Policy

They are to schedule an apt to meet our cats and kittens. At this time, if we feel they can provide appropriate permanent placement for the cat, they are given an adoption application. From there, references are checked as well as vet confirmation that any current pets of theirs are spayed and neutered. If the application is approved, they are allowed to adopt the cat they are interested in.

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Recommended Pets