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Our Mission

Kimmy's Kitty Corner's mission is to rescue stray and abandoned felines from poor conditions, to provide full veterinary care for them, nurture them, and find them loving homes. We also rescue many orphaned kittens and help with socialization and other rehabilitative care until the are ready for adoption. We also do TNR services for feral cat colonies, making sure they are spay/neutered, and properly vaccinated, and healthy enough to be released back into their colony. We have a knack for helping broken-spirited cats find themselves and trust humans again.

Adoption Policy

All potential adopters must fill out our adoption form. If you have pets, we will call your listed vet to make sure they are up to date on all vaccines and spayed/ neutered. If you rent, we will call the landlord to make sure it is okay to take your new furry family member home with you. All cats adopted must be kept inside.

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