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The Lakeshore Humane Society

431 E. Chestnut Street
Dunkirk, NY 14048

Our Mission

Do you have a nice barn where you can have some cats live there?  There are several cats who have lived outside for a long time and their homes were disrupted or their caregivers were no longer able to feed them.  These cats are just not good at being in the house with humans.  They are afraid and a little feral.  But they would do fine in a barn as long as someone would take care of them.  Feeding and giving them water.  The cats would thank you by keeping your rodent population down.  If you could give even a couple of cats a good home in your barn, please call 716-672-9035.  We will have someone call you back right away! 

The Lakeshore Humane Society is a non-profit, volunteer ran organization, dedicated to helping protect the welfare of all animals and providing humane education to our community. Established in 1980 under the name Dunkirk Humane Society, l

Adoption Policy

All  persons interested in adopting one of our animals must fill out an Adoption Application! Once friend, vet and other references have been contacted we will schedule a home visit as well as a supervised session with our animals. Once approved a $200 adoption donation for dogs will be accepted. There is a $250 adoption fee for puppies (0- 1 year). There is a $60.00 adoption donation for cats.  Kittens 5 months and younger are $75.00.  There is a fee of $90 if you adopt two cats. You will be required to sign a health contract as well as care contract.

We have a senior discounts for our cats and dogs.  Any cats or dogs 8 years or over, their adoption fee is half of our regular adoption fees.  Cats over 8 years will be $30.00.  Dogs over 8 years will be $100.00.  No exceptions.

431 East Chestnut Street, Dunkirk, NY 14048

Telephone: (716) 672-1991

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Recommended Pets