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PLEASE NOTE: A completed application is REQUIRED to meet with any listed pet. It will not be processed unless you proceed with adoption, it is merely your ticket in the door.

Please leave a message if calling. All pets listed on our page are still available for adoption.

We are no longer accepting new animals for rescue at this time. We will assist with community listings for rehoming of animals, but we cannot accept any at our shelter at this time. (as of 3/1/21)


"The best things in life take up very little room in our homes, too much room in our beds and just about all the space in our hearts."

My Name is Renate Ussery, and Renate's Fosters is my personal mission to help abandoned, rescued, and rehabilitated cats in my community.

Renate's Fosters exists to promote awareness of local and national resources, to help people find, care for, and adopt pets from the local foster and shelter system. I also personally rescue, foster cats and fascilitate their adoption when I have the means and coorinate rehoming adoptions for my local community. I make sure they're loved, their medical needs are met, and all of their long term needs are considered with their adoption.

You can't just "Have" any pet featured on this site, you and the animal have to be ideal for one another, because the goal is "Forever."If you have a pet in need of rescue or rehoming, please contact us. I'm willing to travel anywhere in the Central New York area, and If I can't personally help you, I can find and direct you to someone who can. Each individual animal's Adoption information will be listed, including pictures, Medical information, Contact information for affiliated agencies when necessary and Adoption Fees.The care, feeding, medical needs, and supplies of this work are not cheap, and not covered by other means. They come straight out of pocket. So if you would like to assist either financially or by donating items, please check out my Donations Page to see how you can help. Every tiny bit is extremely appreciated. Thank you!

Check out all of our information, policies, community links, and resources at
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Adoption Policy

The Process - What to expect.

1. Fill out and Submit the adoption application. Include all necessary forms, references, and contact information before submitting. Please leave a message if calling. All pets listed on our page are still available for adoption.

2. We will confirm receipt call you to schedule a face to face and go over the application together. You'll be asked some additional questions in person. Your pet will not go home from this meeting.

3. Within 48-72 hours (If more time is needed this will be communicated to you) we will check all listed references. We will contact you with any concerns, or if any information is missing or needed during this process.

4. If everything checks out and you decide you love and want to commit to the pet we will schedule pick up and fill out the adoption agreement together and you will pay the adoption fee. (as Listed) Pictures will be taken!

5. Enjoy your new family member! Send us pictures!

Adoption policies
- You must be 18 years of age or older and present a current photo ID at the time of adoption.
- All members of the household must be present for the adoption and want the pet(s).
- The person whom fills out the application is the person to whom we adopt the cat. We do not adopt to third parties (on someone’s behalf), or as gifts. The person whom is going to be taking care of the cat is the person whom must take responsibility for the adoption. (Third parties are free to pay any applicable fees or vet visits on the adopters behalf “as a gift.”) We also do not adopt out cats whom are under the sole care of a minor in the family to “teach them responsibility” because whether or not they ARE responsible is secondary to our pets’ welfare.
- A Veterinary Reference is required to ensure all pre-existing pets in the home are up to date on required vaccinations. (You must have a preliminary visit scheduled at time of adoption) If this is your first pet, you simply have to have a vet chosen and a first visit set up. We will transfer records to this doctor.
- If you rent or lease, check with your landlord approval by phone or in writing is required before adopting. Be sure you are allowed to have a pet and can afford all required pet deposits.
- Pets being adopted as therapy animals must include a letter from your prescribing doctor indicating that you're able to physically and/or mentally care for the cat.
- All animals currently in the home must be up to date, as confirmed by your veterinarian, on all shots prior to the cat coming home. (This can be done while we hold the pet, if necessary)
- We may limit the number of animals that can be adopted at any one time, require certain animals to be adopted together, or enforce other restrictions regarding other pets or young children. These restrictions are in place to give every animal the best chance for success in a new home.
- All pets will be spayed/neutered prior to going home.
- If an adoption fails for any reason, please return the pet to US. No questions asked, we will attempt to find it another home. You are not entitled to any refund should this occur.
- Adoption fees are non-refundable, for any reason.
- All kittens under 6 months of age are $100, regardless of whether they are altered. All cats six months and older are $75.
- We reserve the right to refuse any adoption.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets