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Our Mission

The Sato Project is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned and abused animals from Puerto Rico.

We officially started in November 2011. The Founder and President of The Sato Project, Chrissy Beckles has been rescuing dogs in Puerto Rico since 2005.

The Sato Project primarily works in the municipality of Yabucoa, on the southeastern coast of the island, which has been rated the poorest of all 78 Puerto Rican municipalities. The median household income is well below the national average and over half of its population lives below the Federal poverty line. 

We concentrate our rescue on a place known as Dead Dog Beach. As its name states, it is usually a last resting place for dogs, and it is not a happy one. No dog walks to Dead Dog Beach - it is at the end of a long road with no residenc

Adoption Policy

A little face has stolen your heart. The first thing to do is submit our online application form. This ensures that you are first in line to adopt the pup:

If you have questions/concerns prior to submitting an application, please email Adoption Manager Melissa Giordano

Our adoption team will them get in touch with you and get the ball rolling to welcome your new furry family member!

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