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Our Mission

FAT Cats is a multi-colony TNR group (trap-neuter-return) for feral cats in the Prospect Lefferts Gardens-Flatbush and surrounding areas in Brooklyn, New York. Our cats are available for adoption to anyone in the vicinity offering a loving home and the ability to properly care for a cat for the duration of his/her life. 

The cats that we have for adoption are friendly cats

Adoption Policy

An adoption application is filled out and references are checked, then a home visit to ensure the safety and well being of cat. If all checks out, and adoption agreement is signed.


Our adoption fees are $100 for an adult cat, $125 for 1 kitten (and only to a home where there's another cat), and $175 for 2 kittens.


If a kitten is adopted before being neutered due to age or weight, a deposit of $30 is required to ensure the kitten is neutered when she is old enough. 



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Recommended Pets