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Our Mission

Brixies Rescue Inc is an animal adoption organization focused on finding homes for dogs and cats in need. We primarily partner with states in with higher populations of animals in need, such as Texas, California, Georgia, and others. We also work with owners in New York State who need to surrender their animals. Our mission is to help every animal find a loving and caring home to also rescue rehabilitate and repeat saving one paw at a time.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process requires a submitted adoption application, references, vet references a video of home or home check, meet and greet with family or animals of home. We require all our adopters to return our animals if they no longer want or can care for them.

Our process

Steps : Submit Application
Virtual interview: We will reach out to you via phone or text within 1-3 business days after checking your references and reviewing your application. We will discuss what dog/cat you're interested in and what temperament and age range you're interested in adopting.
Virtual Home Check: We will then conduct a virtual home check via Facetime, Zoom or Google Duo. We will explain more about adoption day and the entire adoption process, and you may ask any questions you may have during that meeting. this can take anywhere between 15min - 30min.
Meet and Greet: once you have completed your virtual home check and interview, we will set up a time and date that suits your schedule best for you to meet your potential future fur baby. The meet and greet location will be discussed and coordinated between you and the current foster of the animal you are interested in adopting.
If your application is approved, you will only have 24-48hours to sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fees. before the pet is placed up for adoption again.
Once all adoption paperwork is signed and adoption fees are paid, you can then take your forever fur baby home with you!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets