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Animals Saved by Grace

Bronx, NY

Adoption Policy

1) We are a foster/care rescue and make appts. only.
2) We have an adoption form that must be filled out.
3) We have an adoption fee of $100. There is a discount for multiple adoptions.
4) When we make the home-visit, we will bring the cat to your home to start the trial period.
5) We have a 2–3 week trial period. We want to make sure that both parties are happy.
If the cat is returned, so is the adoption fee.

We are easily accessible and located in the Van Nest/Morris Park section
of the Bronx. (By the #2 or #5 train, #22 or #39 bus and easy driving directions)

Adoption event+TNR workshop, Bronx, Oct 23. Van Nest resident campaigns for animal shelter Bronx Rescuers Are Left to Their Own Devices Van Nest animal activist fighting for shelter Be a good steward for God's creatures.

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