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Duffy's Friends Inc.

Brockport, NY

Our Mission

Dedicated to helping dogs and cats off the streets and out of the shelters since 1998.

Adoption Policy

Duffy's Friends adoption process:
We believe in matching pets to families and we accept applications. We review the application and if we think it's a match we will call you immediately.

We do not ship dogs long distances so the home must be within driving distance of Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse for our required home visit. At this time during Covid, we would like to keep this local.

We do require a fenced yard with traditional fencing on all sides that is in good shape and connected. No electric fence or boundary training.

Children should be 12 years old minimum if they are living in the home with our pet. A long history of owning a dog in your name is very important. Finally, homeownership is a must and we do validate this information by reviewing the tax roles to find the owner of the property. We can not adopt to apartments, condos, or townhomes due to no fenced area for the dog.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets