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SNARR Northeast

Brewster , NY

Our Mission

SNARR Northeast (Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation) is based out of Westchester County, New York and was founded in 2011. We rescue perfectly healthy animals as well, but our focus and passion is rescuing those animals least likely to receive a second chance due to special needs.

 “I was volunteering after a career change and just saw the incredible need to rescue locally. I had found my passion and wanted to do more to help in my own area.” SNARR Northeast was born… they save the toughest dogs to place; those with serious medical conditions, paralyzed dogs, deaf and blind dogs, severely emaciated dogs, dogs with neurological deficits & disease, dogs with injuries and orthopedic issues … the animals that nobody else wants; the dogs that would otherwise be euthanized.

The 501(c)3 rescue has since saved countless animals “We are a smaller rescue, with BIG hearts and we do our best to make each dog feel as though they are someone loved"

Adoption Policy

Thank you for wanting to adopt a rescue dog!

Our fees are as follows :

Puppies (1 year and under) $495
Adults (1-9 years) $375
Seniors and Special Needs : Decided on a case by case basis 

We ask you to please fill out an application if you are interested in meeting a specific dog. We just opened a adoption center in Brewster, NY but we are predominantly based foster rescue. If there is a litter of puppies you are interested in, please put a first, second and third choice on your application.

Electronic adoption applications can be found at:

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets