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Buffalo Underdogs Rescue

Amherst, NY

Our Mission

Who we are....
Buffalo Underdogs Rescue is an all-breed, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization. BUR saves dogs in Western New York as well as from a rural kill shelter in Eastern Texas. We pull dogs from shelters and transport them to their awaiting foster homes, in the Buffalo area. We provide a safe home environment for our dogs while they receive necessary vetting, begin the process of training and socialization and prepare them to become members of a loving family.

We believe with your help, these underdogs can become top dogs!

Given that all of the members of our rescue are volunteers, we keep our adoption radius to within a 45 minute drive from Buffalo (US only). This is due to the fact that each puppy/dog must have a meet and greet in the potential adopter’s home, with all family members (including resident dogs and cats) present. We also reserve the right to complete welfare checks on our adopted dogs from time to time, so we limit how far away they may be adopted. We may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis for dogs with special needs. This is at the discretion of BUR.

Adoption Policy

After our dogs are listed for adoption, you can apply online for the dog you are interested in meeting.

*Buffalo Underdogs Rescue does not operate on a “first come, first served” basis.

Our primary concern is that the dogs in our care go to the home that is best suited for them.* The foster parent of the dog will view all of the applications that are submitted for their foster dog. They will select the applicants that seem to be the best fit and call their personal and vet references. If your application appears to be the best fit for their foster dog, they will then contact you to set up a meet and greet at your house. They will also discuss the adoption requirements during this initial call.

*Note: All members of the family must be present at the meet and greet.*

If all goes well at the meet and greet, and the foster and family feel that this is the best fit, arrangements will be made to complete the adoption. In order to adopt, you must have an appropriately sized collar (or harness, if required), leash and a dog tag with your telephone number.

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