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Our Mission

Our initial Mission was to find "forever homes" for just the pets left in our care by others who gave up on them. This expanded into helping other pets and families needing assistance with understanding their pets' needs or rehoming them...all of whom are brought to our attention by friends, family members, and neighbors. We're just few gals who fell into rescue as volunteers, then fell in love with the animals and their individual and unique needs and personalities and wanted to continue to help those that crossed our paths in our everyday lives.

We're all unpaid volunteers who work full-time jobs to help support our homes and familes and our rescue/foster/rehoming efforts, doing this work solely as a Labor of Love. Therefore, we are unable to take-in additional pets from the general public, but put our hearts and souls into all those we are called upon to help.

Adoption Policy

OUR REHOMING PROCEDURE: (Please keep in mind that these fur babies are like children to us and we take the same care with their lives.)

Respond to Inquiry via Email, Phone, or Text.

Arrange Phone Interview.

If it SOUNDS like a good match, we arrange a Meet & Greet.

If it sounds like a good match, we will arrange a Home Visit and have you fill out a tentative Rehoming Agreement.

We will also follow-up and if everyone is happy and thriving, we will finalize the Rehoming and you will have a new, beloved Family Member.

We will "occasionally" rehome a pet outside the Las Vegas area, but it needs to be within driving distance and is considered with great care.

All pets shown on our site are fostered in our individual homes or with "approved" Friends or Family, never caged, until they are matched with their own Forever Homes.

Note: We do not rehome any pet to a home with indoor smoking, for the health and safety of the pet.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets