Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions

Las Vegas, NV

Our Mission

Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions is a non-profit charitable organization that offers our community another resource and option for those wishing to find homes for domestic cats/kittens needing to be re-homed. Since our inception in July 2007, we have placed over 4050 cats and kittens in permanent loving homes. Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions is volunteer managed and driven by dedicated volunteers.

Our Vision:

A community in which no pet owner is forced to make a choice to abandon an unwanted cat or kitten or relinquish the pet to a kill shelter.

Our Mission:

Offer the option of placing for adoption domestic cats/kittens that need to be re-homed.

Reduce the number of domestic cats abandoned, euthanized, or placed in local kill shelters.

Operate adoption centers to provide a selection of healthy spayed/neutered cats available for adoption.

Manage a network of reliable loving foster homes to provide temporary care for cats and kittens awaiting adoption.

Provide veterinary care that may include spays/neuters, vaccinations, diagnostic testing, dental procedures, ophthalmology care, surgery, and hospitalization for cats/kittens in our care.

Educate our community on the responsibility to spay/neuter and vaccinate pets and offer suggestions for low cost options.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets