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Our Mission

Our mission in Las Vegas is to help stop the huge rabbit dumping problem in this city and to help educate the public on the proper housing and care of rabbits. The housing & dumping problems can only be corrected by a combination of education, the addition of proper spay & neuter laws, providing access to low-cost public spay and neuters and STOPPING ILLEGAL BACKYARD BREEDERS!

Bunnies Matter Rescue helps to educate the public by providing media exposure to the dumpsite bunnies via newspapers, magazines, local news stations, radio shows, social media platforms and at different local events. We provide bunny advice, rescue assistance, coordinate with bunny feeders at bunny dumpsites, and hold public adoptions at our bunny building inside Floyd Lamb Park to get our message out. One of our main goals is to eventually have ALL rescues and shelters in Las Vegas able to properly adopt rabbits to bunny-educated homes in bunny-safe enclosures.

Adoption Policy

After reviewing their application, if suitable to adopt, we will help educate them on what it takes to own and maintain a rabbit.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets